Success Stories


Meerab Atiq

Online M/J 2022 Session

I owe my O-level and A-level grades to Sir Nausher alone. He has been the most extraordinary teacher throughout my learning experience. From the large physical classes back in O3 to his online platform in A2, it’s like a journey of continuous success and learning. I was the kind of person who would never think outside the box but would just stick to the book. But once I began taking Sir Naushers’ classes, my way of learning, grasping concepts, and thinking improved exponentially.

And it’s not that Sir Nausher just helped me through my academics, but every time I felt the unnecessary overwhelming exam pressure, I would talk to him about it and he would just be there as a friend too. Especially my “cry ho raha hai” moments he would not mind pausing class and making us all feel better and mentally relived from all the external pressure

Yes, there were moments in class where Sir would be so patient with me, especially when I wouldn’t let him move to the next concept until I was sure on the previous ones.

He’s also making sure all of us are on the same page together and have the right concept because while learning FLHGR, he made all of us switch on our cameras to see if we were doing it right and spent 40 minutes making sure our fingers were perpendicular to each other. But at least now I can say I still remember how FLHGR works.

But nonetheless, I tell every person who takes physics that if you need help, without any second thoughts, just take Sir Nausher’s classes. It would be worth it.


Hamd Azam

Online Class of MJ 2022

Assalamu’alaikum guys. I joined sir nausher alam in O’3 (2019) and I’m really grateful that I did. It has been around 3 years and I think one thing that I owe him, apart from the subject content, is how he has shaped me to be the person I am. How he took out time from his own class to lead us in Maghrib prayer and how he spent entire classes to make us realise that success in life is far greater than grades or money. How in reality it was a pursuit to be a good human being. Still can’t forget my first class with him where he told “mei bore jaldi hojata hou isiliye try to make sure mei teaching se bore na hou”. His ability to simplify complex concepts and most of all the billions of questions he made us do in the class (not exaggerating). To be honest I’ve not seen any other class experience that progresses at the rate he did. After Covid how he was able to teach without borders and was always accomadative and understanding. His online system was really one of the best and organised which made learning so much easier. Now that A Levels is over and our journey together to learn physics has come to an end, can’t be more nostalgic and proud to be his student at the same time.


Amna Zahid

Online July 2021

National Distinction Holder in Physics

To get an A* in O level Physics seemed surreal, but to get a distinction was something I did not even dare to imagine! Having often been called an exceptional student in school, I knew I had to keep up with my record (perhaps even break it in a good way) and perform well in my CIEs. The only subject that I was really anxious about was Physics and to say it was my achilles heel would be an understatement. I was completely lost and Physics being a conceptual subject was not something I could score well in by only relying on my coursebook. God guided me by introducing me to Sir Nausher and I got enrolled in his first online crash course in 2020. As time passed Physics no longer seemed a foreign language and I had no one but Sir Nausher to thank for it. His sheer knowledge and command over the subject coupled with his highly interactive classes aided my preparation a great deal. Proud and extremely lucky to say that I am one of his jawans!

Iman Nadeem

Student at Beaconhouse College Campus Gulberg

To say that I’d never in my life thought a teacher would become so dear to me is an understatement.

From lows to highs, helping me through my tough times; celebrating my victories and always pushing me to do my best no matter what– Sir Nausher has guided me through it all, believing in me more than anyone else has. From Bs and Cs in 10th grade, to A*s and As in my O level exams; from feeling ridiculously hopeless at life, to learning to appreciate the little things– the truth is, right with my parents, I owe everything to him.

It’s been three years since I have been his student, and truthfully, they have been the better three years of my life. Sir has been more than just an exemplary teacher– to me, he has also been a friend and a mentor; the pillar I could constantly lean on. Every time I walk out of his physics class, I don’t just leave as a student who’s learned a new law or formula; I leave with a life lesson– as a better person, and more importantly, I leave feeling inspired and grateful.

Sir is the reason my interest in physics has broadened drastically, and why I want to build a career that centres around it. To this day and that, I am so thankful I walked into CLC, and I will never not be. It’s been an honour to be Sir Nausher’s student, and anyone presented with that opportunity should prepare themselves for a time worthwhile!

Bushra Emman

Student at the Aga Khan University

Sir Nausher Shahzad Alam, a renowned physics teacher for the world but for me, he’s so much more ; a support system, a mentor and when needed even a friend. I started my A Levels journey with an extremely low morale which was a consequence of my O levels grades. However the feeling of disappointment was gradually replaced by immense aspiration merely because my physics teacher was adamant on making me rediscover my potential.He helped me master the art that is physics not only by his impeccable teaching skills but also by instilling me with confidence along the way until I had a complete grip over the subject as well as my capability of excelling at it. I still remember sitting in his office, struggling with question after question with his utmost one to one attention despite him having an extremely hectic schedule. And while we pondered over the complexities of physics, he imparted even more important life lessons that I will hold onto forever.Through out my two year journey, every time I slipped and had trouble regaining my balance, I had him reminding me of my worth with his signature dialogue that resonates in my brain even now: ‘You’ve got bigger goals Miss Tarar, don’t let these little mediocre things get to the best of you.’

I consider myself among the extremely lucky individuals who had the privilege of studying under his guidance. Here’s to Sir Nausher Shahzad Alam, not only imparting knowledge but also touching lives in the beautiful way he touched mine.

Amna Hassan

Student at NYU – Abu Dhabi

I appeared for CIE A Level Examinations during May 2017 and I got the opportunity to study Physics from Sir Nausher. When a teacher is as passionate and caring as Sir Nausher, it is not hard for a student to do well. Before I attended Sir Nausher’s classes, I felt I was completely lost. I did not believe that my concepts were clear, and I had practiced enough. Sir Nausher was incredibly detailed when it came to introducing new topics and it was always followed by practice worksheets to make us more familiar with the material. He was always there to answer questions and gave us the confidence to work harder no matter how challenging we thought the material was. I ended up securing an A* and I do not think it would have been possible without Sir Nausher’s help.

Huda Fareed

Student at Okan University

“You can do it Huda, I know you can.”

I still remember the motivation and encouragement that Sir Nausher imparted when I was studying A-Levels physics with him. Even though I was appearing for my A-Level exams privately due to some health problems, Sir Nausher’s support and help made it all seamless.

I was always fond of physics but there was always a little fear of the calculations. I was able to overcome this fear when I started my classes with him -he would explain matters so well that one would grasp it all easily. He would take out time in addition to his class-schedule to help his students and solve their queries. Today, as I study Nutrition and and Dietetics in Okan University in Istanbul, Turkey, I cannot forget a dedicated, patient and an enthusiastic teacher like Sir Nausher.

He is an amazing mentor who not only teaches physics but also, emphasizes on being a good person; ethically and morally. He really cares for his students, guiding them to make the best choices for their future. I will always cherish the times I have spent learning from him.

Hannan Sami

Student at the University of Engineering and Technology

When it comes to the domain of learning, there are loads of influences in the circuit. However, the ways and perspectives adopted by Sir Nausher Shahzad Alam covers the basis of any problem by coping with back references, drawing out relevance with the issue and finally concluding the solution. Personally, it was not just about the source of knowledge. Rather, the main benefit came from doing his assignments, receiving individual feedback and his way of interacting with me, or any student for that matter.
An impressive act is addressing to the problems that seek prior knowledge and thorough understanding of the individual topics but then again, the intent and methodology is what stands out. Honestly, I owe by my success and understanding of the subject to Sir Nausher. Definitely, would recommend anyone pursuing the field, to take whatever you can from his expertise and certainly make the most of it.

Rabail Makhdoom

Student at Cornell University

Hello. My name is Rabail Makhdoom and I am an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering at Cornell University. My experience with Sir Nausher has been great Alhumdullilah. He taught me Physics in both my years of A levels and I can confidently say that I owe my grade in Physics to him. I still remember his 8.00am Physics classes every Saturday at Lahore Grammar School Defence, and although they seemed extremely inconvenient at the time, I know just how well they paid off now. If you’re looking for someone to learn A or O-Level Physics from, look no more. Sir Nausher is not only an great teacher but also an amazing individual with the greatest care for his students

Saleha Munsoor

Student at LSE

He isn’t just a great teacher, he is also an amazing mentor. Physics was never my strong suit and I did not score that well in A level physics but that’s because I only started taking Sir’s classes a month before my CIEs (all components). I wanted to retake my exams but I was very lost. I reached out to Sir Nausher. Despite having a really busy schedule, he took out the time to clear my concepts but while he was teaching me, he realized I was under so much stress (I was on a gap year). That tutoring session turned into a counseling session and sir talked me into the possibility of choosing other subjects. He also assured me that my backup university was a good option and that I should consider going there, something not many people had told me. Long story short, I’m currently studying at that university with a good GPA and I could not be more content with where I am or how I’m doing. Sir could have easily asked me to attend another past paper session but he saw through me and knew I could do so much better in other fields. It’s been almost 2 years since he counseled me and to this day he is concerned about my wellbeing! I had a lot of fun in his classes. Please note that I despised physics but I always looked forward to his classes! I would also like to add that he took every measure to ensure his students felt safe. He taught four of my cousins and he has helped out each and every one of us and remembers us all. This is what a great teacher looks like. Thank you for everything Sir!

Mehak Afzal

Student at The Oxford School Dubai

Hi, I am currently taking the A2 Physics Course with Sir Nausher and I must say it is the best decision I took instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to study the seemingly dreadful course. After taking these classes not only have my concepts have strengthened thanks to the clear cut explanation we receive. Being my curious self I love knowing the answer to every why and Sir Nausher effortlessly answers all my doubts! (no matter how many), which i honestly thought is amazing. Once during a class I had difficulty understanding the concept of vertical circular motion (the example which involved rotating a filled bucket without the water spilling), to my surprise sir immediately demonstrated the whole experiment live and cleared my concept yet again! Not only this but I also love solving worksheets with him that direct me on how to workout problems efficiently and gain marks! Moreover, Sir takes out time for one to one session with his students that I believe is a very noble initiative and shows his care and compassion for us. I without a doubt trust Sir Nausher’s classes for my Alevel grade along with putting my utmost efforts under his guidance! Another special mention is Sir’s Subordinate Ms Momna, who is extremely kind and approachable making the whole experience a lot more easier than it already is! I sincerely pray for his teaching to reach the whole world In Sha Allahthank you so much sir you’re seriously the best Masha Allah.

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