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What to expect from a PWNA Course

1- 1 on 1 Sessions with Sir Nausher Alam

Students of PWNA can book 1 on 1 sessions with Sir Nausher to discuss their problems individually, sessions can be scheduled throughout the month through a well organized calendar.

Weekly Quizzes

When you think you have understood the chapter greatly, you can take our quizzes to test your knowledge and prepare for exams!

Class Notes

Making notes is crucial to the understanding of the chapters and the subject as a whole. I provide all my students with the best resources for them to compile the most comprehensive notes!

Lecture Videos

My students will also have access to my video lectures where I tackle concepts no matter how difficult or challenging they may be. I make sure to break it down and explain it in a way that everyone can master the concept easily!

Concept WorkSheets

Students also have access to worksheets for each chapter. These will strengthen conceptual understanding and put analytical skills to the test.

Exam and Grades

All students get to attempt scheduled Mid-Terms and Finals exams, which are graded on CAIE pattern to help you gauge your understanding and preparations in time.

Student Community

from all over the world, you can be one of them too!

Around the Globe

PWNA Students are spread around the globe and each one of them brings different personalities to the table, hence a great chance for international exposure for all of our students.

Genius Brains

We are proud to have the best brains out there in our Student Community, this helps everyone around to improve their logical thinking along with learning skills

International Exposure

Through our broad student community, you will get the much needed exposure of sit and learn with students around the world.

Improve your Grade in 3 Months

PWNA brings you recorded 3 Month Long Crash Course which is based on modular system. Now you can register for 1-3 modules to cover 100% of your O/A/IGCSE Level physics syllabus in just 3 months.

Our Courses

For CAIE M/J '24

O level


O Level Past Paper Session

Starting date: 20th March 2024

Ending date: 27th April 2024

Duration: 1 month

Schedule: Mon to Wed

PKR 11,500

For M/J '24 CAIE Session

O Level


Recorded Crash Course

Module 1 / 2 / 3

Cover 100% of the syllabus in just 3 months.

PKR 6,500

per month

For M/J '24 CAIE Session

O Level


Recorded Crash Course

3 in 1

Cover 100% of the syllabus in just 3 months.

PKR 19,500

for 3 Months

For M/J '24 CAIE Session

O Level / IGCSE


Online Session

A 5 month long Online Course covering 100% of the syllabus

PKR 9,500

per month

The Best Physics

Teacher Out


Registrations are now open for all new courses for the CAIE M/J ’23 Session. Get Yourself registered so you don’t miss a class!

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