About Nausher Alam

Nausher Alam is the founder of Physics with Nausher and a co-founder of Alt Academy, specifically designed to stimulate the student’s interest in Physics by covering every aspect in a course like structure. A graduate of GIKI(Pakistan), Yale University(USA) and Durham University(UK), Nausher has over 10 years of experience guiding students to the summit in physics. He has taught over 5000+ students face to face and taught 3000+ online and the numbers continue to rise.

What’s included in the courses?

The comprehensive courses offered by PWNA offer the most intricately detailed LIVE lectures, along with recorded step by step videos to guide students so they know exactly how to scout a topic. A team of dedicated associates are available for student support and academic queries. Course notes are made by the student based on the guidance of Sir Nausher which will make more sense than any textbook you pick up. The practice worksheets that you get are the big deal since in all the years, students have always commented that the practice worksheets are what gives the grades a serious boost. Practice quizzes that will test your inference of a certain topic, flash cards to help you revise in a fun interactive way, mid term examinations and final term examinations to solidify the concepts and give you all the tools that you need to give your grade a serious lift!

What’s the difference between the course subscription and the free videos on Youtube?

A PWNA subscription offers much more than what you’ll come across on Youtube. Some salient features include:

  1. A lot of video content which is exclusively available to subscribers of PWNA.
  2. Organized course structure including videos, quizzes, flash cards, notes, comprehensive worksheets testing the deepest concepts, quizzes to solidify your concepts and basically you don’t need to waste time looking for resources when you have them all in one place.
  3. You also get direct access to Sir Nausher Alam and his team who help you with all of your problems at every single step.
  4. Community features where you can discuss your problems with your peers to polish your concepts even more.

Why Can’t I access the videos or updates?

Physics with Nausher Alam runs best on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari internet browsers. Do not access any of our content (quizzes, videos, worksheets etc) on a mobile application because you will always miss something out due to technical variations. Always use a laptop.

What’s the course duration?

A comprehensive O level course usually takes 6 months to finish so you don’t miss out on any detail that is necessary for the exam.

A comprehensive A level course usually takes 7 months to finish. The greater your insight in the course, the better the grade.

What are the course prerequisites?

There is only one prerequisite, that you are willing to do the hustle and are not afraid of some smart hard work. If you have a low grade, don’t be afraid and don’t lose hope. I’ve got your back and I will guide you every step of the way.

Common to all courses

  1. Are the courses detailed?

Yes, they are in full detail and cover PP questions in a topical format.

  1. How long is the course duration?

Crash course duration 3 months

Regular course duration 4-5 months.

  1. Can we ask questions after class?

Yes, we completely encourage asking questions, for that you have a dedicated Student Support Service, a Discord community and weekly happy hours. All mediums are for the help of the students.

  1. Is the course enough to get an A*?

Yes, they are detailed enough.

  1. Is it necessary to take the Past Paper session after the courses?

Past Paper sessions are one-month intense revision of the whole syllabus through yearly and topical questions practice. It’s less of theory and more of questions, so it’s a good drill right before the exams. They are recommended because courses are designed to explain the concept and practice one concept at a time. Past papers are practicing multiple concepts at one time.

  1. What are happy hours?

Happy hours are weekly office hours with Sir Nausher’s team to solve your individual questions.

3 months courses:

  1. Are the videos dedicated or class recordings?

These are dedicated 10-15 mins videos which are very clear in delivering exactly the concept that’s needed. There are multiple videos per topic depending on the length of the topic. But they are extremely student friendly.

There are very few class recordings but they’re quickly being replaced with these dedicated recordings.

  1. Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, you will be able to ask questions in three ways, through our student support service; through our discord community, through weekly Happy hours and in the weekly tutorial.

  1. What will happen in the weekly tutorial?

The weekly tutorial will be practice of questions of the week’s topics.

  1. Will I get worksheets to practice when I finish a chapter?

Yes you will get access to all of the content that we give in a regular course. Which means our booklet of select questions and mark schemes which cover each topic.

  1. How are the tests conducted?

The tests will be conducted online and for each chapter and will be available for attempt for a dedicated time.

  1. What are happy hours?

Happy hours are weekly office hours with Sir Nausher’s team to solve your individual questions.

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